​Supreme Court – Appellate – Real Estate Litigation – Successful Exceptional Revision


In a complex real estate matter that concerned ownership and lease rights and that took 8 years to be finally resolved the office represented a private client as a Claimant pursuing his proprietary rights against several Defendants.

The office took the case after an enforceable decision reached by the Appeal Court. The case was took on successfully submitted an Exceptional Revision remedy in front of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

The remedy was granted, citing reasons that the arguments contained in the legal remedy were such to justify that the legal issue was one of general public importance, which is one the prerequisites for this Exceptional Revision to be granted.

After the successful appeal to the Supreme Court, the Appellate Court this time, under the directions given by the Supreme Court reached a different decision, and the Claimant, our client, reached a full victory. The Claimant also received all costs of the case that lasted 8 years.

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