Spring Group Internship Completed!


On 01/05/2015, thirteen students of the Faculty of law have completed another Group Internship organiSed by the Tomanovic Law Office. 

The internship was a month long opportunity for the penultimate and final year students to experience how it is to be a lawyer in our offices. 

The students have worked on everyday tasks of the office, shadowed attorneys to trials, handled arbitration and general corporate work. In addition, as customary, the office has organised a number of visits to institutions and companies which help our interns to fully grasp the diversity of the work the office handles. The students have had an opportunity to visit the First Basic Court, High Court, County Prison, Faculty of Medicine - Forensics Institute, OSCE, N1 TV, "Politika" newspaper, Prosecution for War Crimes, Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also, we have arranged a set of lectures by foreign practicing attorneys and barristers in our offices on the subjects of EU law and Human Rights. 

This has been yet another successful Group Internship organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Law. The office will continue to support the practical education of students of the Faculty of Law through these Group Internships in the future. 

You can learn more about these on our Careers page.