Lecture at the Faculty of Law in the City of Niš


Another one in a series of lectures delivered by the office - Zdenko Tomanović speaks at the Niš Faculty of Law.

The lecture topic was the case against the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosević at the ICTY. Mr. Tomanović, as his attorney, spoke about the history of the case and the legal aspects of it. The lecture touched upon many issues of human rights and international law, the justice of international tribunals and the breaches of the law that occurred in Serbia in relation to this case, both at the statutory and constitutional level. 

After the lecture, the students had opportunities to ask questions and get involved in debates. The discussion was also a chance for students to acquaint themselves with the everyday job of a leading counsel, the cases, the challenges and the lifestyle. 

The whole event was organized by the students of the Faculty of Law of the City of Niš in cooperation with our office. 

For more information please contact office administration at lawoffice@tomanovic.rs