Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise our domestic and international clients on all aspects of buying and selling companies and businesses, often involving regional elements.

These transactions vary in complexity, value and size. We act for both listed and private companies, their management, funds, and other financial institutions throughout the relevant transaction.

We cover the full range of work related to acquisitions and our expertise in corporate tax, advisory, finance and employment law helps us to arrange an optimal deal structure for the client. In addition, our litigation experience provides us with key knowledge in structuring the deals and advising on the potential pitfalls of any deal.

After the completion of a deal - we provide post-transaction support together with our permanent advisors and experts and provide detailed advice on tax, commercial implications arising out of the deal, trading structures, employee transfers and reductions, corporate compliance, capital increase or decrease implications and further.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

The regional market has opened up to private equity investments in the recent years, especially so in the telecommunications and foods industries.  The investors include both regional investment companies and international funds. 

The still emerging VC industry in Serbia has shown promise as wealthy individuals, international funds and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking at cheap labor and highly skilled workforce as opportunities in Serbia and the Balkans and are investing into small business or starting up companies, especially so in the IT sector.

Our office uses its regional commercial experience in practice to provide advice to entrepreneurs and individuals in realizing their ideas, whether this is a structuring of an investment vehicle to invest in start-ups in Serbia or a planned exit from a private equity funded entity.  We also represent funds and other corporate entities in their sometimes adventurous pursuits in these emerging markets, advising on all legal aspects of their investment including tax, employment law and structuring of the acquisition, or sale.

As a part of our long standing private client practice, we advise individuals and founders selling their companies to funds and other buyers on range of issues, from complex tax to plain contractual matters.

Privatizations & PPP

We have advised clients on the best way to structure a privatization of state-owned and socially-owned enterprises in Serbia and in the region.  Our attorneys have experience in several industries, having advised foreign and domestic buyers on the acquisition as well as advised sell-side owners of capital on their interests in the privatization.

We have experience in negotiating with the state, preparing all the necessary documents for participating in the acquisition, whether such acquisition is by way of tender or direct negotiation.

A privatization raises particular regulatory and administrative hurdles, and involves significant subsequent obligations on the buyer. The office has experience in assisting both sell-side and buy-side entities on the full process of privatization, including post-transactional compliance with the privatization agreement covenants.

We have also capability to advise financing institutions on their rights and obligations in the privatization and structuring the relevant financial documents.

A particular transaction may be structured as a part-privatization – a partnership between the state and a private investor. We advise clients on all aspects of private public partnerships from the tender/direct negotiations to the closing of the transaction and post-investment obligations. Frequently, such transactions involve heavy negotiation with state authorities. Our experience in the legal sector, both in Serbia and in the region, and our established network of contacts provides us with necessary tools to assist clients and reach optimal solutions.