Arbitration & ADR

Litigation is not the only way forward when a dispute arises. Frequently, the most efficient way of resolving a dispute is a resort to Alternate Dispute Resolution. In addition, our senior lawyers have extensive experience in negotiation and drafting settlement agreements. Where we believe this is in the interest of our clients, we advise them to consider this option as more efficient and less expensive.

Before looking at more adversarial instances of dispute resolution, it is prudent to consider mediation or expert determination as a way of reconciling the two conflicted sides. The office has experience in helping clients with these options.

Arbitration, as the most adversarial of the alternate dispute resolutions, comes natural to our lawyers. Having built our office around the core practice of litigation, we have also found success in acting for clients in domestic and international arbitration. Depending on various factors, the arbitration proceedings can be more effective, less expensive, and more acceptable to the dispute parties than a court procedure. The arbitrations we worked on, almost always involved cross-border elements and sought to address either commercial/trade matters or investment treaty disputes. For international arbitration not seated in Serbia or in regional tribunals, we have assisted our international partner firms in acting for our mutual clients before various ad hoc and institutional tribunals.