The firm has acted for a number of multinational companies, advising on employment law matters, including restructuring caused issues; confidentiality breaches; contractual protections; workplace discrimination; senior management layoffs; and general regulatory. We work with the clients' HR and senior managers to find solutions to employment related problems and resolve disputes.

Frequently the issue is breach of confidentiality. In order to achieve protection of confidential information, the client must ensure that employment contracts contain suitable protections. We assist with the drafting and enforcement of the provisions.

Also, we advise companies on standard contractual terms and protections with a goal of minimizing risks for the company during employment and post-employment.

Labor law issues often end up in courts; but we also advise on how best to avoid court proceedings.

A major reputational hit for a company can be discrimination proceedings. We deal with these cases and any issues that arise leading up to the hearing.