Our typical case is a complex reorganization of a company that has large scale debt obligations with creditors. Our attorneys advise on all matters that arise by virtue of insolvency of a company; we cover small to large size companies and company groups. We advise on debt restructuring/refinancing and negotiations with creditors; setting up and amending inter-creditor agreements; arranging haircuts, grace periods and loan extensions.

Insolvency - Reorganization or Liquidation

In the current market conditions, insolvency is a reality for many companies of all sizes and types. Our office advises clients on insolvency matters and seeks to find optimal solutions for them, whether such solution is liquidation or reorganization.

In insolvency, some of the services we provide to clients include compiling and drafting various insolvency related documentation; initiation of the insolvency procedure; representation of creditors at the creditor meetings; representations in insolvency litigation.

If reorganization is a possibility, there is a shift of emphasis from liquidating the assets of the insolvent to trying to keep the business as a going concern and restructure the debt of the company. We have provided advice to clients on such matters before and assist them in forming a reorganization plan; addressing various measures that need to be undertaken during the reorganization and further.

During the life of the reorganization plan, we advise also on various corporate matters, financial law matters and if necessary - litigation matters.

In conducting the liquidation, if no other option is available, we advise on recording debt claims, and represent parties in litigation on challenged debts; we also draft any necessary documents that are required to be drafted when debts - or parts of debts are repaid to the creditors.