We combine our tax litigation practice with a longstanding practice in tax advisory. The office is able to provide full service to clients facing tax issues or wanting tax advice for planned investments.

We provide tax advice and opinions on a range of matters, such as corporate acquisitions, real estate, fund investments and personal taxation matters. We provide personal taxation advice to domiciled and non-domiciled individuals. Our corporate clients range from large multinational corporations to privately owned businesses. We offer advice on all matters of property taxation, income tax, capital gains, corporate taxation, VAT, as well as double taxation regimes.

The office works regularly with other professional advisers, and sometimes, our work is referred to us by those advisers who require legal tax advisory or dispute resolution services.

Our lawyers are frequently asked to provide risk assessments for clients for a planned business activity or investment.

Tax Consulting Group

In handling complex matters and with a purpose of providing a full service covering both legal and financial aspects of tax advice, we have formed the TCG with our outside associates. For more than ten years, we have acted as a team with these associates and provided integrated service to clients covering various tax issues, including but not limited to investments and capital increases; SPV structuring; acquisition financing; and asset sales.

The group is consisted of academics, financial consultancy agencies, former senior managers of leading audit companies, leading accountancy agencies, former senior members of the tax authorities. The group has capability to provide advisory services on all aspects of complex commercial activities.

Investigations & Litigation

We advise and act for clients before courts in tax litigation cases and at investigation stages leading up to court proceedings.