Corporate advisory

Together with our services related to corporate transactions, we advise on all aspects of company law arising from establishing, running and investing in companies and other business ventures, including advice in relation to capital restructurings and group reorganizations, reductions of capital, company constitution issues and statutory and regulatory compliance (including rules relating to listed companies).

We also regularly advise on matters such as:

  • Intra-group transfers and reorganizations
  • General meetings
  • Regulatory filing requirements
  • Shareholder issues; minority protection; squeeze-out.
  • Dividend payments
  • Appointment and removal of directors
  • Corporate governance
  • Dissolution
  • Insolvency

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the Serbian legal market, and use this to regularly advise on legal and commercial matters of companies, its directors, non-executives, managers, key employees, majority owners, shareholders, employees, banks, creditors and other financial institutions.

Our most senior attorneys often act as strategic advisors to management of leading companies in Serbia.

Joint Ventures

Our office advises on specific issues of joint ventures in the Serbian legal jurisdiction, from the beginning of the venture to exit or dissolution, including traditional corporate joint ventures, contractual joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Often such joint ventures involve multinational companies and raise cross-border issues. In tackling those issues, we regularly work with law firms that are part of our cooperation network across Europe.

Corporate Finance

Our practice covers corporate advice related to financing of the company and structuring debt and equity issues.

We advise on the issuance of shares, debt obligations, listing on the Belgrade Stock Exchange and from there we also advise on regulatory obligations and matters flowing from the listing; such as relevant disclosure standards; post-listing obligations.

On issues that have a cross-border element and include listing on the European stock exchanges, we cooperate with various international law firms and assist by compiling all the required documentation and advising on compliance with local laws.

Compliance, Regulatory & Competition

We have provided for clients an overall picture of existing corporate compliance policies and analysis of the regulatory framework affecting the company.

We advise clients how to establish corporate compliance with all relevant regulations, assess and minimize potential risks, problems and damage, implement corporate governance reforms, and represent clients during investigations and litigation.

We have been appointed in the past to advise and assist on internal reviews and investigations, whether internally directed or initiated from the outside by a regulatory body. Our experience teaches us that self-initiated internal investigations provides often a sound ground for full corporate compliance and can often help in any potential or planned future proceedings.

Our experience:

  • Advice and drafting necessary documents for establishing a company.
  • Advice and drafting necessary documents for reorganization, capital reduction or increase.
  • Advice and drafting documents necessary for full regulatory compliance (finance, tax, employment, health and safety regulations). 
  • We assess, draft and/or amend relevant documentation starting from supplier agreements, data privacy, internal control policies, general meetings, shareholder arrangements, dividend payments, appointment and removal of directors, etc.
  • We advise management on securities issues and compliance with ongoing regulatory requirements by the Stock Exchange and/or Securities Commission.
  • We advise clients on competition matters and represent them before the Competition Commission.
  • Full litigation, mediation and problem resolution services related to regulatory and compliance actions.

Corporate Governance

Our team has experience advising on corporate governance and regularly advises individuals – managers, non-executives and companies on good practice, compliance with local and international corporate governance practices and with potential problems that might arise in specific situations.

We provide advice on potential conflicts of interest, misuse of office powers, exploitation of corporate opportunities, actions against former or current directors, minority protection and further.

A good corporate governance policy - and its effective implementation - is paramount to a successful long term business operation in a developing country like Serbia. These can often be a pre-emptive mechanisms to potential future problems arising from investigations, whether such investigations are of routine nature or are investigations arising from alleged misconduct on behalf of the company.

Our experience in litigation and corporate investigations provides us invaluable insight in creating the optimal governance system for our clients, and minimizing legal and regulatory risk for them.