Corporate Investigations

We are ready assist our clients in what can be their toughest times outside the main trial proceedings. From internal reviews to regulatory and tax investigations, through to civil and criminal proceedings, our office draws on our extensive expertise in white-collar crime, civil litigation, tax, regulatory and corporate advisory to assist our clients in the investigative stages of any proceedings. Former prosecutors and investigative judges assist our attorneys in working the most complex investigations.

In addition, we regularly employ experts; court approved forensic personnel; various agencies; professional institutions and others to assist us and our client to resolve any and all problems in the investigations.

Our experience teaches us that investigations can often be the most crucial stage of any proceedings where the future conduct of the authorities may depend on the capability of the attorney to clarify matters at this stage. Depending on your particular scenario, various tactics can be employed by the attorney at this stage; our experience is invaluable to our clients in forming the best first response.

Our team assists clients through all types and stages of investigations which affect corporate entities, whether internally directed or initiated by a regulatory body or the prosecutor. We also work closely with our international partner law offices in cross-border and international investigations.

Examples of our work:

  • Advice and representation for companies at risk of raids.
  • Advising on compliance covering bribery, money laundering, fraud, trade sanctions.
  • Review and analysis of documentary and electronic evidence in the context of corporate investigations
  • Interviewing of internal personnel in the context of the evidence gathering phase of investigations.
  • Self-reporting to regulatory authorities including disclosures.
  • Advice and representation during interviews with external regulators and agencies.
  • Advice on civil remedies and related court proceedings including urgent injunctions, asset freezing and evidence gathering orders in the context of various criminal offences.
  • Advice on compliance with production orders, search orders and warrants
  • Preparing a report of our investigatory findings and reporting to the internal organs of companies.

Corporate Crime and Corruption

Our office has acted in some of the most high-profile and toughest cases concerning corruption offences and corporate crime. We have extensive experience in financial crime cases and we are capable of creating a qualified team to suit each particular matter. We regularly work with experts and other associates that assist us in resolving any matter, however tough or complex.

The office is experienced in all stages of criminal investigations and prosecutions.  We assist corporates and individuals with raids; internal investigations into corruption, fraud, money laundering, insider dealing; representation at interview; and private prosecutions.

Examples of our work:

  • Advising companies on suing former employees for bribery and corruption.
  • Advising companies on setting up robust in house structures to minimize risk of non-compliance with regulations. 
  • Successfully representing international companies at all stages of the criminal investigation and negotiating with authorities on dropping the investigation. 
  • Investigating and advising on anti-money laundering disclosures.

Financial and Regulatory

Our office provides advice to firms on regulatory matters including disclosure obligations. We understand the mindset of regulatory bodies and their expectations when it comes to actual investigations.

Commonly, investigations reveal failures in internal control that require remediation. We advise on improving the internal controls in governance, conflicts of interest, financial crime, securities fraud, and other matters.

Tax investigations

We perceive our tax practice as a crucial component to the overall success of the office . We have several hundred successful tax evasion defenses and we use that experience to assist clients in the early stages of tax investigations.

These investigations often lead to disclosures to the tax authorities of the internal failures in accounting. We help clients manage the process of disclosure and advise on the best way to avoid reputational damage, penalties and further investigations. We act for individuals, small and large enterprises on a broad range of tax issues including but not limited to capital gains, corporate taxation, VAT, income tax, property tax.

From straightforward investigations to advice on complex structures, involving cross-border elements and multiple jurisdictions, we have advised our clients on a number of such matters.  In tax investigation cases, our experience in tax, corporate crime and litigation  is very beneficial in seeking to achieve the optimal results for the clients.

The experience gathered over the years provides us with an insight into the mindset of the tax authorities, their expectations and their standard practice. Commonly, we engage our regular outside associates to address the most complicated investigations. These include former tax authority staff and officials, notable professors, financial analysts, economists and others. 

In the past we have also prepared reports advising our clients on the likelihood of investigations by the tax authorities and in relation to internal tax policies.