White-Collar Crime

We have a leading white-collar criminal practice. We have represented major local companies and international corporations, as well as their boards of directors and senior executives, owners, shareholders, managers and individual entrepreneurs in a broad range of the most complex and typically high-profile white-collar criminal matters.

For more than twenty years, lawyers in the office have specialized in white-collar defenses. In the past few years alone, our litigators have handled Serbian and regional cases focusing on money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, corruption offenses, abuse of office in private companies, abuse of official position, insider dealing, accounting fraud, customs fraud and further. Also, we regularly represent and advise internal company organs and committees on internal investigations flowing from regulatory or governmental inquires. We often provide initial risk assessment reports and anticipate possible outcomes for our clients further to the initial steps of the regulatory or government agencies.

The office has a record of considerable success in matters involving cases conducted by the Prosecution for Organized Crime, Public Prosecutor, Tax authorities, private prosecutions and further.

The defense of our clients is not limited only to the courtroom, but we aim to devise a full legal strategy, with particular regard for client business issues, to address the various consequences flowing from the ongoing proceedings. Frequently, white-collar cases involve cross-border elements. We regularly advise on such matters and provide comprehensive advice as to the numerous consequences of white-collar proceedings like asset seizures, witness questioning, evidence gathering and other interim measures. Our team also conducts tough negotiations with the government authorities or settlement talks with private prosecutors. Sometimes, after our intervention, the government cases are sometimes dropped altogether.

Attorneys of our firm are highly experienced career defense lawyers, as well as former criminal judges. 

White-Collar & Regulatory

We have represented major local companies, financial institutions, as well as regional companies and multinational corporations in a broad range of white-collar proceedings arising from regulatory actions.

Such regulatory actions might start with a routine search and investigation by the relevant government authority or by a targeted investigation ordered where an indication of wrongdoing is already present. In such cases, it is absolutely crucial that the investigation stage is tackled effectively, and that the risks of further damaging consequences to the client are minimized as much as possible.

Some of the clients we have acted for are leading domestic commercial banks, locally and internationally established conglomerates and holding companies, individuals in positions of power, majority shareholders and strategic lenders.

We have experience in strategically advising our clients on related matters, including publicity, corporate governance, general company policy, asset preservation, and further.

We also cooperate with leading international practitioners, advocates, lawyers and experts, who may assist us with various aspects of international consequences arising from the local white-collar proceedings.

The office has supported clients in bringing claims for reputational and consequential damages and breaches of human rights legislation.


Our attorneys have obtained numerous acquittals in high-profile cases of fraud, banking fraud, securities fraud, public corruption, healthcare corruption, tax evasion, trade sanctions breaches, industrial accidents and product liability, financial offences and privatization prosecutions. 

Additionally, we have experience in dealing with the media when the trial starts, and when the cases become cast in the arena of public opinion. We have represented at trial clients from various industries including but not limited to insurance; energy, oil &gas; healthcare; banking & finance; shipping; general commerce & trade; public services; automotive; foods & agriculture; and further.

Parallel Proceedings Issues and International Consequences

It is often the case that our clients must deal with litigation in multiple courts. Civil cases can become criminal proceedings and criminal proceedings often lead to civil suits in multiple jurisdictions and for various types of claims.

Our lawyers have experience in setting up strategies to assist clients with the issues involved with parallel proceedings.  Many of our cases have been pursued in various courtrooms, before arbitration panels and criminal judges, all at the same time.   Our team has been able to develop strategies that take account of the legal, commercial and media aspects of cases to find effective solutions to our clients’ toughest problems.