Commercial Litigation

General commercial litigation occupies much of our time in courts. From the inception of the office up to now, we have handled a diverse range of commercial claims in Serbian courts.

As a developing country, Serbian legislation is subject to constant change, development and harmonisation with international standards. These changes itself lead to disputes, as the legal matrix within which business operates becomes susceptible to varied, violent and constant, change. In addition, the tough times in the economy invariably lead to increased number of disputes - from the simplest debt claims to the more complex ones. In addition, insolvency proceedings have been on the rise as the corporate sector is struggling for liquidity and re-financing opportunities. In the past, we have been asked to step in many times where others have failed. Our litigation attorneys, knowledgeable in the peculiarities of the Serbian legal system, have fought and won battles that seemed lost for clients in the initial stages by incautious drafting.

The office is renowned for capability in commercial litigation, from the standard contractual claims to complex disputes arising from acquisitions. Recognising our successes and expertise, we have long term clients that took us on as their exclusive litigation office. We aim to protect our clients facing significant challenges and risks in both business and private life.

Some of the work we cover:

  • Contractual disputes.
  • Disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions.
  • Shareholder and securities related disputes.
  • Corporate disputes; claims against management, owners; joint venture disputes.
  • Creditors’ claims and financing related disputes.
  • Banking litigation; including regulatory.
  • Breaches of confidentiality.
  • Asset seizure; interim measures.
  • Cross-border trade.
  • Property disputes.

The office has acted on cases in numerous industries, ranging from energy, to banking and finance; automotive; agriculture and foods trade; oil & gas; construction; real estate and further. Thus, we are well positioned, with knowledge of the relevant industries and local practices to advise you on the optimal course of action, taking care of your commercial needs.

This extensive experience allows our litigators to regularly serve as risk advisors to individuals and corporates on various matters before the civil process has begun. The attorneys advise boards and senior managements at critical points where decisions that need to be reached are of high impact to the business. We are often the counsellors of choice in corporate and advisory matters where our opinions are directed on how to reduce risk of future litigation.

Financial Litigation

Litigation connected to financing transactions and banking institutions can prove much more complex than anticipated. The office has handled cases of banking and financial litigation where the subject matter of the cases were various financing arrangements including insurance and re-insurance.

In advising banks on matters of litigation brought against them, the team builds on the experience in advising financial institutions on regulatory matters and compliance, to address any and all claims against banks by individuals and companies.