Commercial Law

Drafting and advising on commercial contracts is a core practice of the office. We advise clients on a range of commercial issues, across numerous industries and often on commercial arrangements that have a regional or international element.

We have experience drafting and advising on commercial contracts including, but not limited to sale and purchase agreements, supply agreements, franchise and agency agreements, development and co-development arrangements, product related agreements, marketing agreements, publishing contracts, licensing agreements, outsourcing contracts, inter-state agreements, international trade contracts, manufacturing agreements, technology matters, sponsorship agreements and further.

Commercial contracts often require tough negotiations and technical skills of the lawyers to address particular commercial and industry issues. We have experience advising clients and negotiating on their behalf in high-value commercial deals.

The team also advises large companies on drafting standard terms of commercial contracts. We provide legal risk review to companies, entrepreneurs and individuals on various issues and we advise clients in cases on non-performance on further steps. Our years of experience in litigation provide us with key insights into potential issues that can arise during the life of a commercial agreement and the optimal ways to address these issues.

We advise not only multinational and local companies, entrepreneurs and individuals, but also NGO’s, international organizations, state authorities, and states. We have advised states on international trade and other commercial matters. Our senior lawyers have also drafted and advised states on inter-state agreements. On complex international commercial agreements, or where there is a dispute under such agreements, we work with our outside associates, such as leading academics, in solving the client’s issues.